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Lois :: Official Office Hot Chick

One of The Million Reasons Why I Adore LUSH (And Gorilla Perfumes)

Remember back when LS started, we mentioned that Lois has a secret stash of unlabeled glass bottles of various bath from a perfumer in Paris? The perfumer that I based the company on was Creed and was one of Lois' few luxuries for herself when she was younger. Elliot got her started on it and she loved the stuff so much that she just continued on with it right up to these days.

Much to my surprise, I discover this evening that Gorilla Perfumes (which is affiliated with Lush) actually has the same exact custom scent I picked out for Lois all those years ago in a perfume. :D And yes, the name just kills me. Lois thoroughly approves. Now to figure out the conversion rate and get some. It only sucks that there isn't an entire line. I'd have Anissa huffing my hair like Kal-El does his wife.
ATU :: Earth Clois

Okay, I Finally Did It.

I broke down and put in a custom request at etsy for my Margot Lois Lane doll. Fairly certain that Anissa wasn't able to find one or someone to make it, so I'm doing it myself. I will have this damn doll if it kills me. I know where to get the Chris Superman statue for a good price; I just need her. After fifteen years of looking, it's time I had her. And I've already had someone offer to do the painting for her face if someone will just make her.

*gears up for the first battle of 2010: The Battle For A Lois Lane Doll*