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Lois :: Smoking

A Little Confession

Sorry there's been so little updates the last little bit. I think the BS with DC and the lack of nominations of any kind from anyone for anything over at the Movieverse Awards is getting me down. Fandom is in a kinda of lull due to various reasons, which isn't improving matters any. I need to see what I can do to recharge my muse. I need to see if I can think of anything to improve morale within the family. All I know is: It's a really tough time to be a Clois fan.

Lois :: Smoking

An Update From Hoppalog

So, I'm back from the doctor's office. Verdict? While the sprain is getting better, I'm still not up to where I sound be, so I'm out for most of another week. Let me contain my joy. I HATE that everything's in limbo while I recover. *makes face*

The only good news? I can get my write on this week if the bunnehs last. And I am HOPING the bunnehs last.

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Back On The Roll And Thrilled About It

So, as gloomy as things looked on Friday night, all's well that ends well. In the last day or so, we
  • Kick-started up a follow-up piece to Illuminated and might even have a third piece in mind.
  • Got Clark talking again finally on Sessions and he's kind of surprising us with his reactions. :D
  • Got a couple of plotting ideas for upcoming chapters of Across the Universe.
  • I got a plotbunneh for rebooting the retcon. But I need to see if it'll take me any further than it has before I say more.
  • Discussion was also had for the last two epics in the Little Secrets 'verse.
  • Annnnd we've been working behind-the-scenes on the oneshot series following Heirs and leading into Blood Will Tell.
That said, I feel much better about life in general at the moment. *grins happily and snuggles chickadilly *