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Lois :: Giggle

Oh, I Forgot!

An update on the commission situation:

We ended up getting two and both artists have sent us roughs. Their work is extraordinary and I will be linking to them in the future. Both have been approved by us and are currently in the line-art phase. Thanks for all of the help, even if it didn't quite pan out from the original source we went to. It may be a bit before anyone other than the two of us, saavikam77, and januaried see them, as they're for a story-line in LaOH and we don't want to give out too many spoilers, although I've had a hard time keeping this one under my hat.

Keep your eyes out in the next couple of months. ;)
Lois :: Thoughtful

How Is It That...

When I actually need a drawing commissioned, I haven't the slightest idea who to ask and why is it that all of the good artists out there either make me too nervous with their awesome for me to ask or are only fans of slash? God hates me, you know. *headdesk*