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Life Update :: The Week After Edition

So, yeah. No update this week. All of the events of this week just have done nothing for inspiration. It's been a mess. Not enough sleep, not eating enough in either of our cases, a lot of time just wandering around on auto-pilot. Neither of us has been horribly talkative to anyone but each other. Not a really good environment for the happy scenes we have planned for the new ATU.

However, we're starting to talk about picking it back up this coming week to finish it out. So there's a tentative deadline for next weekend. Fingers crossed and hopefully we'll be feeling the vibes again by at least mid-week. We'll see. We'll also keep you all updated. I love all of you for your wonderful and sweet comments. I really have the most amazing friends in the world. *hugs you all* I promise I'll respond back to everyone soon. It's just that reading all of them when it's still so fresh just makes me cry and I'm trying like hell not to do that. Just bear with me a little longer.
Across the Universe :: Kal-El

The 'We're Still Here' Update

Popping in between the bouts of craziness to cross-post from Anissa, since a lot of you will see it via my LJ. This is her side of things, which she wrote while I was sleeping last night. She actually explains the situation five-days-out better than I could.

((Warning, medical stuff, family member death, and discussion of loss and grief under the cut.  Also catharsis that I really, really needed.))
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And Life's Journey Ends

It's over. At a little after 4 this afternoon, Anissa's dad, Tom, passed away. He fought the good fight until the end, always too stubborn to go, but this time it was just too much for him. He was tired. And we loved him enough to respect his wishes when he said it was time. After smack-talking and ax-fighting the Reaper so long, he was ready.

We miss you, Tom, and wish that we had had more time with the man we were coming to know in the end. We love you and things will never be the same.

May Destiny and Fate be kind enough to lend us half the strength and determination to get us through life's fights the way that you example taught us.

Forgot to add, please understand if I don't answer here and on Facebook immediately. The two of us are just trying to keep a eye on each other and cope. We're reading everything, we carry your wishes with us, but we're just trying to deal. Give us a couple of days to digest this.
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This Might Very Well Be It

Yeah, another delay. There's a very real chance that all of the drama with my father-in-law may be over by tomorrow. We're on watch now. There's no way of knowing if or when. Emotions are running high and we're no good tonight. We might be even worse in the morning. The chapter is nearly finished, but it's going to be delayed again. We'll keep you posted.

I'm so tired and torn up about this; I'm scared, but so is Anissa. She can't decide if she needs comfort or to be alone to deal. And I don't know what to do, how I can help her. Hell, because the state of Florida, I can't even take time off to be with her if it does happen. I don't even know if my job will give me the day of the funeral [if it comes to that] with how small our crew has become. I just feel so sad and useless right now. Life has just shifted so abruptly. They were talking rehab yesterday, now they're pushing us to let him go.

Keep us in your prayers, guys. I'm afraid to see what dawn will look like.
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Love and Other Headaches-Struggling for Purchase [Chapter Thirty-Two; Part One]

Thank you EVERYONE who messaged me or commented in the past two weeks to pass on prayers and wishes. I actually came home and cried over a few. With how jaded this world gets at time, it really touches you to realize just how many people wish good things for you and love you. We're so very, very blessed to have you guys as friends and readers and know that we loved all of you back. Thank you so much for how much you stick by us. Believe me when I say that it honestly means so much. :D

That said, back to our regularly-scheduled programming!

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Life Update :: Up-in-the-Middle-of-the-Night Edition

Hey, guys, checking in to let you know what's happening IRL over here.

In the good news column, Anissa's back is back to 100% and we're back to work on the writing. Love and Other Headaches should be to you by Saturday, although it may be a smaller chapter, and Across the Universe will resume next weekend. This is a relief because I've been miserable without the writing. That's the thing; I find I get really depressed and trapped in my own head when I can't tap into my imagination. Things get miserable and hard and depressing? I have to plot and plan to get out of my funk. That said, it's been a rough month.

Also in the good, the FIL survived the surgery that everyone expected to either kill him or turn him into a vegetable. Which, when you consider that he was going to flat die if we didn't do the surgery, the choice was clear. Well, a week later, he's mostly coherent, is on a pureed diet [he was NPO for a week, so this is great], can get to the toilet on his own, and is being able to sit up in a chair for short periods. So bless all of you that said prayers and sent those wonderful vibes; we obviously have strong friends because it worked. Next up, maybe next week, is a stint in rehab. Anissa and I are out of the house at least 10 hours a day and, with how weak he is right now and the amount of falls he had in the 32 hours before we made him go to the hospital, there isn't any other question. We not going to have had him defy death that closely, only to have it happen again a few weeks later. We want him to have the best shot possible and that means live-in rehab for a few weeks. He won't exercise on his own and we can't be here to watch him and the expense of a nurse isn't an option. So we love him enough that he's going. Keep your fingers crossed that we keep progressing at this level.
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Life Update

In the never-ending series of breakdowns that has been life lately, my father-in-law is now back in the hospital, hot on the heels of Anissa's back being badly sprained. Only this round of FIL emergency has included head trauma from three falls in the last eighteen hours. He also isn't responding to simple instructions. I'm scared, guys, really and truly scared. There's been a lot lately that been very, very upsetting to me, just one RL things after another, but I don't want to make it sound like it's 'oh, woe is Lois'. That's about half the reason personal posting has been so slow around here. It's been hard, really hard, but I know everyone else's lives are difficult, so I keep my mouth shut. Also doesn't help that my own personal computer is out of commission right now [posting from Anissa's; she and the MIL are heading over with him].

But this time I kinda need a favor. Any good vibes you have lying around or prayers that you feel like sending would be incredible. I don't know where this round is going to end, but I could use the wishes. I love you guys. I'm sorry I haven't been around so much, but why rain on everyone else's parade?

Clois :: Don't Give Up

Chapter Delay Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Guest post!

Anissa here, she of the sprained back.  I'm glad to say I am getting better, and have been able to walk without pain and sit up for over an hour with only moderate pain.  Unfortunately, I had to go back to work, so by the time I get home I am hurting too much to write.  Lois is exhausted from keeping up with her job, me, and my dad, so she's in no shape to work on it either.  I'm not going to go into huge detail about our situation at home, but my father is still not quite right.  And there are a lot of things I still can't do - such as pick up anything I drop on the floor, or take a shower by myself (safely, anyway).  Every day at work for me is a struggle, and I broke down crying on Tuesday from pain and frustration.

I know Lois has been on the brink of that for way too long, with the nonstop nonsense at her job as well as having to be the primary caretaker for everyone and everything in the house right now.  We both basically get home each day and flop down, limp as dishrags, until a minor emergency of some kind or another forces us back up.  Usually Lois, since for me getting up or down hurts far worse than standing or sitting.  Every time my dad wants something, every time the dogs start whining, every time I need a glass of water to take my meds, every time the phone rings or the trash has to go out or dinner has to be made, it's all on Lois right now.

So let me steal a moment to publicly say "THANK YOU" to my writing partner, best friend, and love of my life.  Lois has been an absolute godsend these last few weeks months.  I literally don't know what I would do without her.  Not just because I love her and I am glad every day to wake up to her beautiful face (and fall asleep stealth-cuddling her warm back, lol).  Because I know I can rely on her, and I appreciate that more than she knows.  I'm really not so great at expressing it, honestly.  It's true, though.  I hope that every one of you reading this has someone in your life like her, who's always got your back - even when you sprain it.  If you do, tell them so.

Anyway, writing news: We are actively working on the next chapter for Love and Other Headaches as well as discussing the next Across the Universe chapter, but we won't be able to make deadline this weekend.  I'm really excited for what we have to show you in both of them, and I know the cliffhanger ending in AtU is just plain evil.

You know how much we hate delays like this - I'm sure you hate them too.  But I would personally rather hold up progress for two weeks than give you guys a short, substandard, written-while-on-heavy-painkillers chapter.  Bear with us, and we'll be back in action ASAP.
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Welcome to TNT...err, KLK. WE KNOW DRAMA! And a Lot More Than We Want To

Sooo, the comp is still dead, I'm HUGELY behind on replies and everything in general, and I miss my friends, dammit. Especially saavikam77 and januaried. I don't even have time for phone calls lately.

And it's beginning to look like a certain TV channel around here with all the medical drama. Saturday afternoon, a few hours after I posted the last chapter, Anissa managed to badly strain/sprain her back. We thought it was just bad back pain, but we had to take her to the Emergency Room. That said, she's been on bedrest and will remain so until Monday. Sitting up for more than twenty minutes at a time hasn't been an option, but we're getting there.

I've been alternately keeping an eye on her, keeping an eye on the FIL, and trying to work. That said, we have to strike out this week. There just hasn't been time at all for me to even try to start it myself. The plan is to have LaOH out next week, but I'll keep you updated. FIL still recovering, Anissa down for the count. Say me a little prayer that it stops there?

I WILL be back, guys. I'm trying to make sure I check in. It won't be forever.