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Since Everyone's Just Dying To Know...

And we're just a few chapters off, I figured that I'd spoil you just slightly on One Week. Especially since some of you are just dying to see what we have planned for these two in Act Five. You know who you are! ;) That and we should at least spoil you slightly for the oneshots. The spoiler for the chapter, though, will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday, as per usual. You ready to see?

“Not a mental image I needed,” Loueen muttered, rubbing her temples. “Hey, Lois, I thought you didn’t want someone day-to-day, all that mushy love stuff. I thought you said you just wanted someone who would be there when you needed them, and leave you alone when you didn’t.”
Crap. Lois saw Loueen’s eyebrows rising with the speculation that everyone’s favorite cynic might have a romantic side. She had to cut that off fast. “Oh, please. I’m not saying I want roses and chocolate and all that other crap. It’s just… This is ridiculous. See, this is why I don’t talk about Elliott. Freakin’ Kinky Briefcase ruins every damn conversation…”

Lois gave him a saucy grin as she took his hands and stepped closer. “You’re aiding and abetting a burglary suspect here, Superman.”

Lois looked up to him, standing so very still in the doorway. His pulse beat swiftly in his throat, and his hands hung stiffly at his sides, balled up into tense fists. But his expression wasn’t angry; on the contrary, it was fear and wonder and need rolled into a tumultuous mixture of emotions.
For once she saw herself as he saw her: the archetypal woman, the embodiment of desire. And also a fragile human, one he was terrified to touch lest she shatter. Lois went to him gently, her eyes never leaving his face as she ran her hands up to his neck and kissed him long and searchingly.
           Just the press of his lips on hers woke her passion for him, her pulse pounding as it had during those all too brief moments on the couch at the riverside house. 

Now, hush, all! I don't want Anissa getting wind of this earlier than I can help it! Hope that will hold you all over a bit longer! *hugs*

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