Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Okay, So Now I'm Curious. And No, I'm Not Going To Read The Damn Books!

After seeing this video on Andromenda Black and Ted Tonks, I need someone to have a little storytime with me to explain all of this Mauraders and Black family interbreeding here. Because, God Help Me, the godforsaken Plot Bunnies are following me. Grrrr... So this makes Tonks a cousin of Sirius, right? I think I'm more intrested in the family history than anything else. I know Narcissa and Bellatrix are sisters and that Andromenda is related to them, as well as Sirius, but after that, dunno.

And this is the video that started all this trouble.

GetraeumteWelt-If I Can't Have You (Forgive the old school music)

I also found a lovely video about the Black Sisters. Pay close attention to the cast list or it does get confusing. 

Bellatrix: Rachel Weisz/Helena Bonham Carter 
Andromeda: Keira Knightley 
Narcissa: Rosamund Pike/Kate Winslet 
Roldolphus: Johnny Depp 
Ted Tonks: Matthew Macfayden 
Draco:(little boy being kissed)
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