Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Writing Progress! YAY!

Well, today has been a little productive, at least. Our first oneshot, Day, is finished, was send out to the Beta Team, and B's beta has been returned. Kat also has her copy. And we're starting Night this evening, as well as starting up the last half of Chapter Fifty-Three. My only request for the rest of my weekend is that we keep writing and watch PoA, both of which Anissa sounds fine with.

Day, which will likely have another title by the time it's posted, tops out at 3,557 words and seven pages. Night is projected to be about as long. We're having such a good time with these!

And sean_montgomery, my loyal twin and fellow H/Hr shipper, I love you for turning me on to An Organ of Fire. Six chapters in and SO in love. This gives me hope that there are other well-written Potter/Granger fics out there. YAY! *hugs*

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