Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Well, That Most Certainly Was Not The Way I Wanted To Pass The Last Two Days...

Summer had better be over soon, as I don't relish a repeat on Wednesday afternoon. If you think heat exhaustion can't happen easily, think again. I mentioned in an ETA yesterday that I had been sent home early from work. That was due to very nearly passing out from the heat and stress. I'm not a hundred percent sure how high the temp was Wednesday afternoon, but it had to be over 100 degrees literally. And the humidity just made it worse. I woke up feeling overheated, but that's typical for me this time of year. My internal body heat is always very high, enough so that in winter, everyone thinks I have a constant fever, but so I didn't think much of it. Was a little sick to my stomach; also normal for me in heat.

I had only been in the car for about twenty minutes (the usual drive-time between our house and both our jobs; our AC is out in the Escort), but it was long enough for me to utterly swelter. I was feeling light-headed by the time I walked into BB&B, my head was spinning by the time I sat down. Like Superman-turning-back-time spinning. It was just getting worse by the time Myke came to tell me it was four and I was on. I remember trying to get up and go out to the Customer Service desk. I had just passed the doorway to head up the hall when it hit me. Next thing I'm completely aware of, Harvey's getting me into a chair and I feel like I'm going to throw up. Crystal offered to either take me home or to the hospital, both of which were far out of her way and I love her for doing it. I let them talk me into the hospital. 

Only to remember that Wednesday is the second worst day to be at St V's. Once we finally got there, even the overflow parking was taken up. By then, I was starting to get my head together. Still felt like hell, so hot I couldn't stand it, but the ice water Harvey had given me and Crystal's AC helped alot. I told her to take me home. 

And that's where I've been since around 5 yesterday, Anissa having calling me in because my system was absolutely sapped. I feel guilty for not working today, for the fact that someone else had to do my job, but it was necessary. I feel even worse because tomorrow was supposed to be my last day before my weekend off and I haven't worked the last two days, but I'm going to just write and rest the weekend, I think. Had I been less of a hardhead, I would have just called out when I didn't feel good Wednesday, but no. I had to work.

Maybe this will teach me something. Especially since Anissa has now taken the situation out of my hands. I look ill enough that it's obvious, she's calling me in no questions. And she's informed the job of this and they're cool with it. 

Amusingly, I'm grateful. 

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