Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

An Open Letter of Apology

I want apologize to all of you out there who fanfics I haven't had a chance to review or that I have fallen behind on. I was brought home recently (and rather embarrassingly) that I don't review nearly as much as I used to or should. Seeing as how I have a following, I should be turning new fans on to other fics and championing the ones I like the most. 

And they were right. It's just that I have little enough time and all of it goes into Little Secrets, which is a lame excuse, I know, but true nonetheless. We both fully intend to get back to reviewing as soon as LS is over. That will free up our non-existant time a little more and Heirs doesn't start until November, which means that we'll only have the oneshots to do. I will get back to reviewing and I'm sorry that I slighted some of you. It wasn't intentional, I promise you. 

And I have to add personally, sean_montgomery, that I love you to bits and pieces and I'm sorry that I haven't been the best friend to you of late. I'm a rotten twin at this point in time, but I'm lucky to have you. Don't think I don't want to spend time with you. Truth is, I don't even wait to spend time with me lately. *hugs*

ETA: Those of you that heard about how my work-night got cut short, I'm mostly well and at home. I have one heck of a splitting headache and still running a bit of a temperature, but I'll okay. The grogginess sucks the worst. Knowing me, I'll be good as new tomorrow morning.

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