Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

A Grumble And An Update

Okay, so work is much more stressful than usual this week. So frustrating that I'd give up my days this week just for peace of mind. And that's saying something, as I do need the money. But one of our new employees is making life very difficult for everyone. So bad that this week I've broken out in stress rashes that look like sunburn. Thank goodness I have writing to bury myself in once I get home. *shudders and grits teeth over the fact that she works straight until Saturday* Give me strength.

On the writing front, all looks good and I'm glad we gave ourselves this week off. We're already started on the 'Day' half of the two-part oneshot at 1,315 words and three pages, which should be more than halfway through that piece. I love it already, part of which is our brief glimpse of Lois' STM ex-boyfriend Ellliot 'Kinky Briefcase' Marrin. OMG, we're having so much fun with this. Why didn't we think of writing this before? And then it will be on to 'Night'. :D I love you, 12days_of_clois, for giving us reasons to come up with this stuff. 

And as to that opening chapter to Act Five: Home, it's currently at 2,291 words and five pages. I think this chapter will finally make a good portion of you happy. We cried a couple of times so far, laughed just as much. I feel like a proud mother. So, yes, lots of LS goodness for you guys next week at post time. 

That is, if I don't kill anyone at my job before then. *sighes, shooks dirty looks at BB&B*

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