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If I Hear 'Blue Christmas' One More Time....!

OMG, it's been almost a week since I've been in here! I'm sorry, guys! Things are work are positively insane. BB&B was been a complete 'Clerks on Mistletoe' moment. And then I drew one of the long straws for Black Friday. Let's here it for Lo. *Insert eye roll here*

Well, Anissa will be going out of town for a little break on her own (I had a seperate vacation last month) starting Friday and Lasting until Monday at visit a friend and pick up 'my puppy!', so I'll have more than enough alone time to get caught up on everything. No one worry, we're finishing up the current chapter as we speak and will have it off to Barbara either tonight or tomorrow (no worries, love. I don't *have* to post it until Sunday.)

I did manage to pull off one video this week and we have more than half of the first part of our story for bisty's 'Clois' Christmas fanfiction. That makes ME happy, anyway.

So, I'll leave a better update Saturday! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings and I'll see you here the weekend.

And guys? Less than a week left to Ultimate Superman Goodness!!!!!!! God, I can't wait. New puppy and more Superman than ever. Catch me. I'm gonna faint! :D

Superman Saga-Clark and Lois-'Mixtape'
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