Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Of Act Endings and Plot Twists

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Ah yes, and if you were wondering, Night and Day are two of our four entries for the Clois100 challenge at 12days_of_clois. These will be rather short fics (well, short for us - maybe 1,000 words or so), set in the LS-verse long before the twins were even thought about. Definitely a gleam in someone's eye, though. :D

You'll get to see our take on Lois and Clark, and Lois and Superman, circa Superman the Movie. Not to mention, you'll hear more about Elliott, the infamous ex-boyfriend (aka Kinky Briefcase). That's the guy who told Lois about her supposed Elektra complex earlier in Little Secrets. He's not over Lois yet. Lois, however, is definitely over him and seeing two men, even if one of them was pretty much a mercy-date for the office nerd...

Start looking forward to it! Oh, and to the reader who's waiting with bated breath for more of One Week: We'll get there. Might even work on it some during the week hiatus. It'll be worth the wait, trust me. ;)

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