Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

This week's spoiler, as promised! ;)

Okay, ladies and Brian, here's our advance for Somebody Else's Life. We're up to 6,205 words and eleven pages. Nearing the end now and Anissa may be right; we have three scenes left to go. Is everyone okay with one more long chapter? They'll be a little more sane when Act Five starts, but there was so much to do in these last four chapters that they did blimp up a bit. 

And since I have to have a shower before work, I'd better shut up and post this thing before we're late. ;)

Love you all! *hugs her F-list*

Maggie was even less inclined to elaborate. Her gaze flicked from the soldier, to Lois, to Superman, and back to Lois. “It’s important, Lois, trust me. I just… Come down to the precinct.”
Even if Lois hadn’t been a reporter, with finely-honed journalistic instincts to tell her when someone was hiding something, she would’ve known Maggie was holding out. Being less than forthright wasn’t in the lieutenant’s nature, and she was clearly uncomfortable with whatever she was concealing. Lois’ nerves were frayed to the breaking point by everything she’d endured, Kal-El’s condition, and her own recent examination of the most tumultuous period of her life. One of her closest friends keeping a secret from her – and keeping it badly – was more than she could take.
“Goddammit, Maggie, I will not take one step from here until you tell me what the hell is going on,” she hissed furiously, rising from Kal-El’s bedside and stalking toward Maggie. “I have dealt with enough bullshit the past few days; I don’t need any more from you! My kids have been kidnapped, I’ve almost been killed, and he’s in a coma. Don’t you realize I just can’t anymore? I’ve had enough! And I will not leave him, do you hear me? I won’t!”
Strong hands grabbed hers, and eyes as blue as arctic ice bored into her own, finally silencing Lois’ tirade. Meeting that look, Lois finally realized what was wrong with Sawyer: she was terrified.

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