Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Drive-By Progress Report

Due to some reworking on some areas, we're a little behind where I wanted to be as of today, but we're getting there. I think the subplot we were planning will be mostly next chapter. Don't think we'll be ending this chapter the way I expected either, but hey. *shrug* There's next chapter and we'll still be on time ending the Act. As of this moment, we're 4,485 words and just over nine pages on Somebody Else's Life. And I think we'll top out at eleven or twelve pages. 

 And here's a spoiler for those of you that are not eaten up with the Potter or Meyer:

“I don’t buy it,” Maggie Sawyer said flatly.
Officer Smith glared, and slapped the folder down on the table in front of her. Someone should’ve told him the Special Crimes Unit Lieutenant had been awake for almost thirty hours at that point, but no one did. Even cops like a fireworks show. “Look. It’s all there. The ballistics match, the prints match – even the partials off the ligatures match the index prints. The motive was openly stated in Davis’ hearing. You’re denying the obvious, Sawyer.”

Hey, mr_beeto, recognize anyone? You were right, Brian, Smith was up to something. :D

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