Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

While all the potter-heads drive themselves insane waiting,

...Lois continues to hold the bucket for her Muse. It's been decided that we'll be doing the first half the reminisance this chapter the rest in the next. There's just not enough room. But we'll get to see Part One this round. I had hoped to get to 'while you were gone this round, but just not gonna get there with all the other things happening, but rest assured, she'll tell him about the time he missed.  As it is, before I even start working on the last of her discussion today, we're already at 5,044 words and just over ten pages.  I get the feeling that as soon as I finish her section this chapter, I'll be writing up her next half for next chapter. I just hope everyone enjoys this. I worry I have her talking too much.

Well, off to work! :D
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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