Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

A Hearbreaking Present and a decidely *not* future...

I've been a bad girl...again. I know that one of my last intensely angsty chapters is this week and I want to have the whole day off to do what I'm about to do. So I'm slacking. We really should have worked on that yesterday, but with the way my night went, there was no way that I was going to write it. And then go in today after doing that to myself (I'm like a Method Actor when I act and when I write sometimes. I have to make myself go there.)? Nope. Not with this one.

So we cheated and worked on One Week again, which made the Beta Team happy. *Snicker* And which actually helped Miss Lo to get closer to where she needs to be to write it. So hey. And that chapter is coming up with the next month or so.I think it will make up for all the angst and pain we're put you guys and them through. 

Buuuut, it's back to work tonight with Belief, one of the last of the great Heartbreak chapters. 

Wish me luck at work, as the Stork is running the show for the second night in a row. God help me...
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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