Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

More Superman Video Goodness

Here's a fresh batch to get you through a questionable Monday. I personally subscribe to the Garfield theory, "The Man Who Invented Mondays Should Be Drug Out Into The Street And Shot."

Happy Monday! :)

The Utterly Superb Brian Monarch's 'Project S', set to 'It's Not Easy' by Five For Fighting. (This is why I wanted to learn to make videos in the first place)

loisslane-Aerosmith-Fly Away From Here

loisslane-The Rasmus-The Shot (very Act Three)

Mr.Oldfashion-Bryan Adams-When You Love Someone (Not my usual cup of tea musically, especially for the Saga, but this one... Nice)

wishingonastar-American Hi-Fi-The Rescue

jorels-Five For Fighting-It's Not Easy (I know we've seen this song used a million times, but this one. I really like this video)

herolee-Sara Routh-You're Never Gone
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