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In Which The Author Admits that she's a loser

Okay, let me start out by saying, I'm sucked at updates this week. Sucked like a pack of straws. Like a Dyson vacuum cleaner (better suction than a Hoover. See what working for a high-end department store does for you? *makes 'Loser' sign at self*). Like a Jim Carrey comedy. And for that, I apologize profusely. That said, let me move on. *makes another 'Loser' sign at self*

Buuuuuut, Holy Dear God, folks! When the Muse decides we haven't written enough, she lets us know. Anissa and I will be out-of-town until Sunday night (Anissa's birthday weekend: Hyatt Regency for a night and Ripley's and Wonderworks, plus dinner out) after posting later this morning, but what a massive chapter we've left for you. When Your Angels Can't Sing tops out at 7,349 words and fourteen pages. And alot of ground gets covered.

Now I can't wait to get the next chapter, Belief , started. Just a couple more chapters until Act Five. That's it, two or three tops.

Now for our little spoiler, with someone we haven't seen in a bit...

In silence they watched the Man of Steel falling from the sky, and then the video switched to another. A shaky hand-held camera panned around the crowds milling in the street outside Centennial Park, then jerked upward to catch the blue and red blur rocketing toward the trees.
The impact shook the cameraman’s hands, shook every tree in the park. A cloud of dust and debris rose, blowing outward, and Ben heard Martha groan as if in mortal agony. “Martha?” he said quickly. “Martha, are you all right?”
“My God,” she whispered. “Oh my dear Lord… Ben, I think you’d better get over here–”

Alright, see you guys around 12!
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