Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

OMG, What A week!

Well, ladies and Brian, I think it's safe to say that I'm just exhausted. Between the humidity and lack of help at work this week, I'm just flat on my behind, groggily looking around for a safe place to hide. Ick.

A good example of that was last night: I'd asked Daniel for over a week if he needed me to stay late last night (was only scheduled until 10. Which is really strange...) and he shrugged it off. Well, fine, then. I asked Anissa to pick me up, eventhough she's still at work at that hour. So, of course, the minute I get in I'm informed that they need me to stay late. I say no. They blink and look confused. I apologize. If I hadn't already told Anissa and I wasn't ZombieLois at this point this week, no problem. But at that point? Nope.

But in the happy dance department, seems that Miss Caroline has devised yet another veeeeeeery interesting challenge over on 12days_of_clois , with a flexible deadline set. Methinks that the Author and the Voice of Doom will be picking up more than their fair share since we have a few tales of LS to be told between the current story and Heirs. Brilliant challenge, Big Sister. *hugs bistyboo1974 *

And babettew54 just found a video that totally made my day. Seems that Mr. Routh is starting to miss ThatSuit (and the diet that goes with it, it seems)! *Squeee!* Come on, Bryan! Let us have it before Summer 2009, please?!?!? IESB.net Interview With Brandon on Potential JLA film and Man Of Steel.

Oh, yeah, and I think that story you guys are always asking me about has a chapter coming out this week. Stands about 4,294 words or so, around eight pages at the moment. And I guess I'll put up a spoiler for you. Least I can do. *giggles madly*

Sirens howled ahead, and Richard snapped his full attention to the road. A cavalcade of police cars roared through the intersection ahead, leading an ambulance with its siren wailing. The cruisers were actually nudging abandoned cars out of the road to make a clear path for the ambulance.

“That’s him,” Lois whispered, sitting up.

Richard couldn’t fault her logic; no other person would get that kind of urgent treatment at a time like this. “Buckle up,” he said, and floored the accelerator.

Tags: little secrets progress reports, little secrets spoiler, work suckage

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