Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Progress Update

Wow, this has been a heck of an evening. Final chapter title is now Requiem For A Dream, which checks in at a whopping 6,043 words and 11 pages, and now it is in the hands of both htbthomas and sean_montgomery. This one is probably the most intensely emotional chapter ever in Little Secrets and with good reason. Those who have been following where we are in comparison to SR know just where we are...

Would this be a good time to remind all of you that the 12days_of_clois oneshots are the future of this tale? And that I'm a staunchly steadfast Clois fan? Is that noted? Good.

See you around noon, all! And yes, we are going to be on time next week. After this, we won't keep you hanging any more time for the new chapter than necessary...
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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