Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Heartbroken Coauthors Mean It's Gonna Be Good

Depending on how you define 'good'.  In this case it means 'so powerfully emotional it'll make you weep just as hard as we did writing it'.

Oh, man.  This chapter is freakin' killing us both.  Yeah, it's me, Anissa, LS Coauthor, Voice of Doom, Thief of All Lois' Passwords.  As of this moment, chapter 46 (title changed more than twice, but we're calling it Out of the Gray and Into the Black right now) is at 4,902 words and ten pages, with one last scene to do.  And as bad as this last part was - my heart still aches - the ending scene will be suck almost as bad.  And what we plan to open next chapter with - ow.  Owwww.

At what point did I think writing this part of the story was gonna be fun?  What crack was I on, and can I get some now?  I have to keep telling myself the worst will be over in a chapter or two.

I'm going to go put some loud music on and hug myself until I stop sniveling.  Ciao, everyone.

* P.S. Abby, Caroline, you two made me laugh soooooo much tonight.  Especially the semi-nekkid and nekkid Brandon picspam.  Perverts!

Tags: little secrets progress reports

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