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Love, Helicopters, Playing Chicken, and Famous Last Words...

Geez, this week... Ick. I have come to the conclusion that my work life is simply going to suck until Back to College is in high gear. That's it, that's all deal with it if you want to stay employed. So, like it or lump it, unless it goes completely kaflooey, I'm going to keep my mouth shut . I'm just praying that someone doesn't try to get me to be FE Manager. That's absolutely the last thing I want due to our DM. *shudder* Not happening.

In other news, my love goes out to bistyboo1974 and sean_montgomery for just the insane scaries of your week. Caroline, I hope Noah continues to improve and no second engagement from this nasty little thing that threw the poor kid for a loop. Abby, I hope Mama doesn't drive you nuts as all of you make her sit down and recover. *hugs her Big Sister and Her Twin*

Thank you, elliania, for that little secret project we're working on. If we're lucky that will finish me out for a while. Although, I imagine that we might add a couple of icons during Act Five. Due to some events... ;) And in that same line of story-related stuff, thanks to htbthomas, for again feeding the LS plot bunny. We really ought to do something about that lack in the story before some people explode, huh? *grin*

And the preview, since I'm about a day behind. Chapter Forty-Six, Every Time We Say Goodbye..., is currently at 4,013 words and eight pages. There are still two very big and memorable scene ahead. I'm both looking forward to finally writing them and knowing that I'm going to cry like a baby. We're down to the final chapters of Act Four, all.  And now for the spoiler...

“So be it,” Lana said, calm now. Her hand slid over his atop the throttle, fingers tightening slightly. “Richard, do it. At least if we all die together, we can figure out who’s walking through the pearly gates with whom before we actually see St. Peter.”
Tags: f-list love, little secrets progress reports, little secrets spoiler

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