Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Weekend Update (Otherwise Entitled: *BLECH*)

Geez, what a jam-packed two days this will be! I'm really glad that we posted yesterday, seeing as how we have to manage to fit in Anissa seeing Mysa at the last minute (nope, we had no plans today at all... *mutter*, dinner at Casbah, a showing of Hostel II, finishing up the last bit of Great Expectations, cleaning up the room, and doing laundry for my early shift tomorrow. And most of tomorrow for me is shot because of work. Plus, not another day off until Thursday, which will be spent at Mom and Daddy's to make up for the fact that I had to duck out of plans to spend an hour or two with them will Anissa lunched with Mysa because no one's been on time today...

*Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!* And this was the day that was supposed to be my Spoil-Myself-Because-My-Week-Sucked-Sour-Frog-Ass day? HA! 

And bistyboo1974, my prayers are with you and Noah. *hugs her Big Sister* I hope there's nothing very serious going on there. *suddenly feels like a shmuck for whining*

I will say that this video has made me smile and made me think of Caroline. Very well-edited SV Clois Future vid set to the Daughtry classics (LS-connected) Crashed, What About Now, and It's Not Over. *LOL*:

Tanya4584-Crashed Into Me Now

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