Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

And With one in the bag...

Well, that's one thing taken care of. As of 4:00am, To Dance With The Devil is finished, at 6,107 words and twelve pages, off to the amazing htbthomas, and I'm so drained. I can't tell you how often Anissa and I had to stop and bite our lips on this one. Wow, I've known where the final few chapters of the Action Arc were going for a long time, but it's another thing to actually write it. And we have the hardest ones this week and for the next three weeks. 

LS' first anniversary, going by the FF.net date, is the 8th of next month, three days before Anissa's birthday and the chapter that breaks my heart will most likely be published that same week.  And by the time we get there, they will have paid for their future in full. 

Wow, I'm so morbid at the moment. *LOL* 

The good news is that we're at 6,151 words and twelve pages on Great Expectations and we're quite enjoying it. Did I mention that Bagel starts and finishes out this fic? Sometime soon we'll have to do a oneshot that's mostly the twins; they deserve a little more screentime, too, huh?  Especially with discussions of Richana oneshots in the air...

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