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Just a little sneaky peek...

After much decision, I'm going to go ahead and give out a larger spolier than usual this week because you've all been waiting since last Saturday, so here you go for To Dance With The Devil. I'll post one for Great Expectations in a few days. Enjoy!

Richard pushed the throttle forward as far as it would go. “Lois, we’re almost there. Luthor could be anywhere – I wouldn’t see him in these clouds. It doesn’t make sense to turn back now…”
“Dammit, Richard, I don’t care what happens to me!” Lois’ voice exploded into the headphones, Lana wincing slightly at her vehemence. “Go get the twins. If Luthor wants to kill me, fine, I don’t care as long as Jason and Kala are safe!”
“Some of us have some slight objections to you being murdered!” Richard roared back at her. 
“And the twins are probably first in that line,” Lana cut in hurriedly. She’d finished sending an update and a warning to Superman via Clark’s cell phone, and she didn’t want to hear this particular argument played out over the radio waves. “Lois, Superman’s after them – Luthor might not even have made it to the island with them. We didn’t see the helicopter there.”
“I am so not in the mood to have sense talked into me,” Lois growled. “Fine, you just get here quick…”
They heard a man’s voice say something in the background; it sounded strangely like a warning. Then a crash, and Lois’ voice again, “Oh fu–” before the radio cut off.
Lois?!” Richard said sharply. He turned up the volume and adjusted the radio dial slightly. “Lois? If you can hear this, Lois, come in. Lois, please, answer me…”
Tags: little secrets spoiler

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