Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Lousy Days, Plenty of Writing, and Richana on the brain

Okay, guys, say it with me now:

Week, once again, you suck.

Alright, now that that's been established, we can move on. To a REALLY BIG UPDATE.

With the deadline coming up quickly now, we've switched gears to try to finish up Great Expectations before mid-week. We're now at 5,077 words and 10 pages. Two scenes left to write, one of which is critical to the plot. This one will surprise you, and hopefully, open your eyes up just a little more about the LS-verse. It also establishes a few things to come in the final act as well as the sequel coming later this year.

And once we have that finished, it's on to finishing up To Dance With The Devil, chapter forty-five, before Friday. Still three or four scenes to go with that one, including a scene between Superman, Richard, and Lana. This will be their final chance to get Lois back. And she's in more danger than ever. And that's not a random tease, either. It currently sits at 2,212 words and 5 pages, but don't expect it to stay there long.

And speaking of Richard and Lana, htbthomas and jenn_1 's tale for 12 Days, Impressions:

http://community.livejournal.com/12days_of_clois/38425.html#cutid1 (All of you hush; I couldn't remember how to do the linky-thing!) 

seems to have stirred up a hornet's nest with the fans. Soooo, after much decision, Anissa and I have decided to write a few oneshots as time goes on specifically for the Richana. They can't be included in 12days_of_clois  and it will be a bit before they're written (neither has been included in the 'future fics' as to not give anything away), but they will be written. There, everyone happy? XD

Also, I've avoided saying anything about it because I don't want to sound like a jerk for knowing anything about the noms for supes_mv_awardsbefore they're over, but I like to thank everyone that's nominated LS for any catagory. I'm so thrilled and surprised and very humbled by it. I never expected to write this fic at all beyond the intro, which I was just going to post on FF.net to get an idea if it was any good. As it stands now, it's forty-five chapters in with soon-to-be four oneshots. I really thanks you all so much for all of the interest, support, and everything else, which includes reading andf reviewing when I can't even manage to keep up with that myself. The noms alone mean so much to me. *blushing hugs*

*still feeling like an idiot for bring up the noms* Well, I'm off to Retail Hell. Wish me luck. Send in the National Guard if I'm not back by 1 AM. And no, Abby, not your Mr. National Guard. *shudders*

Have a good day, all! *blows kisses to F-list*
Tags: little secrets progress reports, omg!noms!

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