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15 June 2007 @ 01:23 pm
A Little Bit Better and a video  
As the title implies, yesterday was actually bearable. Thanks be unto whoever's up there. *sighs* Actually got some sleep in there AND finished my video. I think the final product turned out okay, even if it wasn't exactly the way I wanted it. Need to just break down and buy the Sony Vegas like the young whipper-snappers. *borrow Caroline's cane to wave at YouTube*

Also good news in the fact that we're about halfway through To Dance With The Devil, also known as Chapter Forty-Five. Another pulse-pounder, Ladies and Brian. And you're going to hate us for the ending. But you'll likely get both that and Great Expectations the same weekend, so... :D

Only working six hours tonight, so tonight and tomorrow should be most productive after the bedroom is clean and Hostel II is previewed. Not thinking about having to be in at 12AM on Sunday. *shudders*

But, for those interested, here's the video:

Superman Saga-Lois Lane-Saviour 

Latitude and Longitude: The Usual Spot, Plotting Evil
On the Verge of: contentContent, For The Moment
Beautiful Noise: 30STM: Savior
✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrine: ¤Headdesk¤elliania on June 15th, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to see you're doing better!! I LOVE that video!!! :D You did a great job on it, it turned better than just 'okay'!!!

So if I understand well... no fic this weekend, but two next weekend, right? I'm so jealous the way you write so easily! I just have 600 words down and I have to post it in one week. *panic*

Take care, hon!
Lois: Lois Kal-El Fortresskalalanekent on June 15th, 2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
Well, there are two of us! We've been trying to put at least a hundred to two hundred words a night on both pieces, but we're going too slow for me to be really happy over it. But I like the direction we're heading on TDWTD and on GE, so...

Yes, none this week. And yes, two next week. Figured that that would make up for the break. And I think everyone will need it after this chapter. And the final heartbreaker is the following week.