Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Dear Week, You *Suck*

Not just a little. Not just your standard suckage. Oh, no, you really put the suck in sucktacular. You not just Work Suckage, you have Home Suckage and Personal Life Suckage and In-Law Suckage, too, all that wrapped up in a tiny, ill-fitting, taupe muumuu-style sucky package. You are the suckiest suck to ever suck.

You. Just. Suck.


Well, welcome to Two Weeks Ago's little sister. With a week like this, what can you do? As my co-worker Brian always says when the Towel Room is destroyed on Sunday night, "Strike a match." Useless week, how I hate thee! Drink gall and die painfully.

Buuuuut, in other news, both Chapter Forty-Five and our 12days_of_clois , newly entitled Great Expectations, are progressing nicely in spite of our nearly killing each other this week. We're nearly 1,200 words on Forty-Five and Great Expectations is 2,429 words. We're getting there and deliberately taking our time. The better to make big decisions with. ;)

And B was kind enough to cheer me up with some of the awesome videos from http://www.freewebs.com/keakack/home.htm. Thanks so much, love! Check out both the Television and the Movie archives. I also recommend Lois and Clark Over The Decades II and Return of a Hero. I only hope to be this good one day!

Oh, and before I go, news for those that watch my videos. I have one coming up very soon to 30 Seconds From Mars' Savior. Still a few transitions to work out, but I really like it thus far. ;)

Tags: clois videospam, oneshot progress updates, work suckage

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