Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

About that 'week-off' rumour...

Well, it's true. Those of you that read this past week's chapter entry on FF.net already know this, but there will not be a chapter published this week because we're a bit behind on our 12days_of_clois fic (playing around with One Week put us behind! XD) and we're playing 'catch-up'. Buuut, the good news is that both that and the next chapter are well on their way. Father's Day is 1,400 words and three pages and Chapter Forty-Five is 500 words and a page already. This next chapter's events will spiral us down toward the finale of Act Four, which should be in five chapters. Question is, will all of the principals make it to the end?

But don't worry about the ride being completely finished soon! Plans for Act Five are going swimmingly as well as the finale of LS coming up in the next few months.

And I'll be around, but just not posting the chappie. ;)

Oh, and elliania ! I think I need to ask you about a banner request, if you have the time, Kitty-Kat! I wanted to ask in plenty of time!
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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