Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

The Saturday Morning update

Well, ladies and gents, it's finished and off to the betas, although I might not get the other sign of approval until the Creative Consultant (sean_montgomery) gets home. The final draft should be in htbthomas' hot little hand as we speak and I'm just wait for a response before posting. A Glimmer of Light and Hope is a little short word-wise, but top out at 9 pages, so I'm not complaining. And boy, are they packed! *looks around worriedly for B*

Also, seems that Mom, Alphie, and Caroline had a brilliant idea that they lauched last night. A community has been formed in supes_mv_awards ,an awards "show" for all of your favorite Superman movieverse fic. And there are so many deserving fics out there, I'll have no problem casting my nominees and final votes! Join us all at supes_mv_awards now until June 30 to choose your favorites before the actual voting begins July 1 through July 14. The fic can be posted anywhere online! So, go! Make your favorite authors known!

Will be back later to post, all! Wait for me! *hugs*  
Tags: little secrets progress reports, omg!noms!

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