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And the torture continues

Well, it's been an insane and sucktastic week, buuuuut not quite as cracktaculiar as last week. (Ick. Last week goes into the annals of history as The. Worst. Week. Ever. Period.) But for me, it's over. Thank God.

In other news, the good news, Chapter Forty-Four is at 3,206 words and seven pages. We plan to add another 2,000 words onto it this evening. And it has made me cry. Several times. And a good portion of it over one tiny word. I really love this chapter and have been waiting to get here for a very, very long time. And now things get really good, depending on your point of view. :D

And here's that spoiler I've been wheedled about all week ;):

Lex wasn’t quite finished yet. He got as close as he dared to the fallen hero, leaned down, and whispered, “Sorry I can’t stay. Lois is back on the yacht, and I don’t want to leave her alone too long. She’s going to be terribly lonely without you or the twins around. Although, I’ll try to … comfort her … as best I can.”
Superman was gasping for air, seemingly out of touch with events. At those words, however, sudden horror and outrage lit his eyes, and Lex savored it. A momentary victory, and only a tenth part of the vengeance he’d hoped to mete out, but sweet nonetheless. He sauntered away, leaving his enemy utterly broken and soon to die…

B, should be in your inbox on time this evening! Abby, you'll get it as well!

ETA: OMG, look at Brandon! These pics were nabbed from www.supermanhomepage.com and are of Our Boy at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation's Third Anniversary Gala, Making Magic Happen, in LA. Look at that hair! Abby, breathe! And all of you stop making cracks about the name of the event where Brandon's concerned! *points accusing finger at most of her F-list*


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