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Life Update :: Up-in-the-Middle-of-the-Night Edition

Hey, guys, checking in to let you know what's happening IRL over here.

In the good news column, Anissa's back is back to 100% and we're back to work on the writing. Love and Other Headaches should be to you by Saturday, although it may be a smaller chapter, and Across the Universe will resume next weekend. This is a relief because I've been miserable without the writing. That's the thing; I find I get really depressed and trapped in my own head when I can't tap into my imagination. Things get miserable and hard and depressing? I have to plot and plan to get out of my funk. That said, it's been a rough month.

Also in the good, the FIL survived the surgery that everyone expected to either kill him or turn him into a vegetable. Which, when you consider that he was going to flat die if we didn't do the surgery, the choice was clear. Well, a week later, he's mostly coherent, is on a pureed diet [he was NPO for a week, so this is great], can get to the toilet on his own, and is being able to sit up in a chair for short periods. So bless all of you that said prayers and sent those wonderful vibes; we obviously have strong friends because it worked. Next up, maybe next week, is a stint in rehab. Anissa and I are out of the house at least 10 hours a day and, with how weak he is right now and the amount of falls he had in the 32 hours before we made him go to the hospital, there isn't any other question. We not going to have had him defy death that closely, only to have it happen again a few weeks later. We want him to have the best shot possible and that means live-in rehab for a few weeks. He won't exercise on his own and we can't be here to watch him and the expense of a nurse isn't an option. So we love him enough that he's going. Keep your fingers crossed that we keep progressing at this level.

The bad rears its ugly head now, though: In the last year of so, I've been helping my parents with their bills on top of our expenses over here [Dad's job bought him out after 30 years in a specialized job and finding steady work has been a nightmare], which hasn't been that much of an issue until the last month or so. Things at my job have gone crazy again in the sense of 'far over-worked and insanely understaffed'. Or should I say 'far over-worked and badly re-staffed'? There have been several dust-ups, walk-outs, and the replacements we've gotten have been either stellar or completely useless. Which is killing morale again. Now, Anissa's job made some changes in the last six months, her hours changing and another company buying them out. All looks good so far on that front, but seeing as how there's three of us in the house and only two working, owning two cars is pretty much impossible. We just can't afford it. Even before I put out the other money, it just isn't happening if we don't want to live on ramen and never travel at all. So, when her hours changed, so did mine.

Yep, therein lines the problem. There's hours-bleed in some places, not enough hours in other ones, they just added a new person to my department [which is actually set up to support three people; we now have four], and for the first time during what's shortly going to be fourth, I have to leave at a set time. Which is about three hours earlier than I used to leave averagely. I'm also coming in three hours earlier. So, after years of being forced to stay to all hours of the night, I leave at 9. And I'm totally catching hell for it. They're also messing around with my hours again because of the added person in my department. SO frustrated. There's no way of going back to my original schedule now no matter what I do, so they're just going to have to lump it.

That said, everyone do me just one more tiny favor? Say me a little prayer that they're not going to mess me over after 7 years for this and that I can just learn to let the resentful anger aimed at me with grace and not feel guilty for not being able to save them anymore, especially because I've been there and I know what it's like. People used to have to leave me and I couldn't blame them. Things are what they are and I just need to learn to let the crazy go. As long as the hours-cut doesn't affect anything at home. I'll get another job before Christmas if I have to, but I really would rather not screw them over.

I know, right? The fun never ends. Gonna try to go back to sleep now and maybe see if I can hang with Kala in my dreams and work through some training she has coming up. ;)
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