Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Life Update

In the never-ending series of breakdowns that has been life lately, my father-in-law is now back in the hospital, hot on the heels of Anissa's back being badly sprained. Only this round of FIL emergency has included head trauma from three falls in the last eighteen hours. He also isn't responding to simple instructions. I'm scared, guys, really and truly scared. There's been a lot lately that been very, very upsetting to me, just one RL things after another, but I don't want to make it sound like it's 'oh, woe is Lois'. That's about half the reason personal posting has been so slow around here. It's been hard, really hard, but I know everyone else's lives are difficult, so I keep my mouth shut. Also doesn't help that my own personal computer is out of commission right now [posting from Anissa's; she and the MIL are heading over with him].

But this time I kinda need a favor. Any good vibes you have lying around or prayers that you feel like sending would be incredible. I don't know where this round is going to end, but I could use the wishes. I love you guys. I'm sorry I haven't been around so much, but why rain on everyone else's parade?

Tags: can't rain all the time, the authors in rl

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