Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just A Short Update

Okay, I actually have to work today, even if Her Majesty gets to stay home and sleep. Her OB/GYN appointment is Wednesday, so we should know for sure what's up with her then. Problems are continuing, but not quite as awful as they have been. *says a little prayer that that continues* But in happier news...

Our 12days_of_clois has finally made it up to 1,000 words and a potential observation has been made by one member of the family and a second will be occuring shortly. So, is our happy post-trauma family going to have a new addition? Hmmm...could be... ;)

We've started Chapter 44, but should get more headway on it this evening. There are whispers about me being off three days this week and, while bad for my wallet, that is good news for the story. And my poor neglected family. My mother had to wait three weeks to see me before last Friday, which was also the day they tried to call me in. *LOL*

Oh, and I did a little more work on that video. Might change the music. Anyone have any SIII footage lying around? Was thinking of maybe holding off on the Daughtry and starting one for a movieverse 'Girl Next Door'. Even considered 'Girlfriend' if I could find the Lana footage. XD Hey, both songs work for the both of them!
Tags: little secrets progress reports, oneshot progress updates

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