Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Yes, I Have Now Seen It

That said, I really need a day to really digest what I've seen.

Easy answer?

What I thought I'd like, I REALLY liked. What I figured would be issues were issues, mostly with the script, which I've always been side-eyeing, anyway. There's some serious disconnect at times and some of the history made me crazy. I only hated one thing and for obvious reasons.

And yep, that scene still bugs me. I'll explain why later.

Excellent casting, although I still think our Zod could kick Michael Shannon's Zod's ass. I just wasn't as impressed as I wanted to be with him. And I'll defend Amy to the death. Do I wish she had had even more screen time? Absolutely yes. Do I wish she had fallen from less things? Yes, just a little. The scene on the ship made up for it, though. Is she one of mine now, like Erica Durance and Margot? HELL YES.

And I miss Brandon Routh terribly, but we can absolutely keep Henry. I don't remember a single scene where I didn't believe in him.

Beyond that, you guys will have to wait until tomorrow night. Expect spoilers!
Tags: man of steel screening

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