Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Still Haven't Seen 'Man of Steel'

This may likely change later this week, but I've been forcibly spoiled at work, so I know there's a decent amount of stuff I'm going to like (the Clois and Perry) and there's some things I'm definitely not going to like (Yes, every guy at my job had to tell me about that and yes, I always said I didn't trust Snyder in that sense). That said, that's colored by other people at work's perception, so we'll see after the film. You guys know I'm old-school, so I'm hold judgement until then.

I can say that MoS is going to be a playground for the rest of you. Neither of us have any real interest in writing stuff for that particular corner of fandom. We'll likely just keep on keeping on, but I'm sure there will be little winks and nods to the parts of the film we like, just like everything else Superman we enjoy.

I'll keep you guys posted and I'm going to keep up the usual policy of agreeing to disagree.

*keeps fingers crossed*
Tags: man of steel updates

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