Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just a Little Chloe Love!

I've always liked Chloe, most especially because she was the 'Little Girl Who Was Not There' as far as continuity is concerned. I really felt for her and would have been thrilled if she had really had her shot with Dopey a season or so back. The biggest problem is that now, it really is too late to do it. Clana has taken too long to run its course and Clois is coming up fast. Now, I'm all in favor if the return of Chimmy. The Chimmy, in my opinion, was made of win. Truly made of win.

Clark, you bonehead, you don't deserve her. You honestly don't. *hugs Chloe while wacking the BDA with a kryptonite ruler* Moron.

This video is so great for the Chimmy and illutrates just how much pain Clark has put her through. And just how much Jimbo sees in her.

luvtheheaven-Smallville Chimmy-Flavor of the Weak
Tags: smallville videospam

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