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Tomorrow starts the first version of my new schedule and I have to admit that I'm completely terrified that I'll be a useless wreck for this week and then the month after once we push up to me coming in five hours earlier than I ever have before every day I work. It's a plus in the time I have with Anissa and in the things we can get done with places still open, but it's a huge change after nine years in the same routine.

There also may have to be changes and adjustments to our posting dates and what we'll be posting. There's a lot of serious discussion going on about how we're doing with both fics and if we can keep running both at the same time. There might have to be a short break on one or the other until mid-summer while we work out certain issues. I don't know which or how we'll do it or even if we will in the end. These are just guesses, but I wanted everyone kept in the loop, as I know there are more lurkers than reviewers.

Just a heads-up, guys.
Tags: rl has its moments, the author in rl, work suckage

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