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Life :: Under Construction

Some MAJOR changes going on here at Chez Joos-Roy. About half the reason there's not been a lot of RL update, like I promised, is because me and Anissa's work schedules are (after eight and twelve years, respectively) being swapped around. Instead of working late nights like we used to, we're now going in early afternoon and going to be coming home mid-evening. Which, in itself, is a lot to deal with.

Add to that that we're a single car family (we work just up the road from one another) and that my hours are a little less negotiable (most schedules are set in stone as far as availability of hours. Less than that and you'll be lucky to cover the gas it take to get there) and you see why I've been really quiet lately. Add to that the usual broken pipes and colds and such...yeah, not to great lately.

HOWEVER, there are a few good things that will come of us changing our schedules. And it looks like maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to have the schedule I need to keep my hours and get to stay in my favorite department (got transferred back to Harmon at the end of last week).

After serious months of heartache on Front End, it looks like things will finally be starting to look up. Do me a favor all and say me a little prayer that I can have all that. I'm also currently trying to shift my chat time with januaried, because I can't imagine life without talking to one of my best friends at least once a day. This also means that we'll be home earlier to get a jump on the writing and that Anissa will have a chance to hit things at work before she comes and gets me (there will likely be an hour or two overlap on her shift ending before she can pick me up). And I can writing notes and such while I wait to clock in.

And since discussing this with someone in upper management, the future on this is looking pretty bright. So I'm making myself be positive now, despite this rotten cold. I will make it through this and just maybe be something I haven't been in the better part of a year: happy. Really, truly, happy. Or as happy as you get working retail.

With an luck at all, in the words of Saint Walker (yep, I've become a closet Fantern in the last six months. Blame Razer and Aya. Star-crossed pairings, they can become an addiction (Ah, reference to ANOTHER pet fandom!). Forget you, stereotype; I DO WHAT I WANT), ALL WILL BE WELL!
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