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In Which Not Even The Weekend Is Safe...

Well, Her Most Royal Majesty, Queen of the Most Sickly and Anemic, has finally graced me with her presence (not her fault, but I'm getting impaitent) and we're hammering out the last of the chappie. This chapter absolutely the most action-oriented one we've had yet. Not a spare moment to breathe. Promise. Hopefully we'll be finished no later than 6. Dear God, I hope so. Barbara, keep looking out!

Speaking of which, did I mention that we're in Tropical Storm Warning? 


ETA: It's 6:01, B is beta-ing, and it tops out at 10 pages and 5,200 words and change. Still considering the title. Again, all, sorry for the wait and we promise it will be worth it. 

And a bit of randomness that I made while waiting for Anissa to wake up. 

Tags: little secrets art, little secrets progress reports

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