Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Goddammit, Amy, Why Do I Have To Love You?

Okay, I STILL have NO interest in this damn film, but I do love and adore Henry and Amy. Saw the Amy Adams interview on Leno last night and she just killed me. She's so excited. She really is. *sigh* And she's being genuine with her approach. She's no Kate Bosworth, period. And despite having no interest in a Nolanized Superman, just watching that made me proud to have her in fandom.

So yes, I'm a convert on the casting. Don't wanna see this film, likely won't see it unless you guys really win me over with it, but yes. I say 'yes' to Amy as Lois now. I stand corrected. The movie may suck for me and I may hate it in the end for sure, but I will say that as much as I dislike Boz as Lois, this is how much I am now cheering Amy on.

Yep, Amy Adams for Lois Lane. Rock it, girl. We're counting on you.
Tags: man of steel updates

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