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Hey, y'all said you didn't want us to bury the update.  There ya go.  

This is obviously Anissa hijacking the journal and making it a forum for her Voice of Doom.  We have been working our tails off on this chapter and enjoying every evil-cliffie moment of it.  Well, in between Lois being sick and overworked and having a Jor-El attitude in response to that.  (She said it, not me.)

Anyway, progress is good, you're going to want to kill us by the end, and I've been using my sadistic little Chuckle of Doom so much lately even my coworkers are scared.  But for the moment, I think it would be a good idea if I went to sleep BEFORE Abby and Barb wake up and get on the computer.  G'night!

Oh, wait.  You wanted a spoiler, didn't you?

What makes you think you'll get one?

*smacked in the head by Lois*  Guess you get one, then.  Owwww.

“The specs of this yacht call this the Aquatic Gallery,” Riley said as Lois surveyed the huge room.  Her swift glance took in all of its particulars while Riley kept talking.  “Most of us just call it the ballroom.  It’s big enough to waltz in, don’t you think?  Do you dance, Miss Lane?”

“Not with you,” she shot back, and he only laughed.

“You will by the time we’re through,” Riley promised.


Luthor gave him a catlike smile full of cruelty.  “My, my, my.  How disappointed your father would be in you.  Jor-El sent you here to guide us weak mortals, to be the light to show us the way.  Superman, savior of the earth, fighter for truth, justice … all that stuff.  Rescuer of kittens.”  Lex couldn’t help snickering as he remembered that early article.  “Oh yes.  All that, and a deadbeat father.  Really, Superman, how could you?  Honestly, not even I pictured you as the love-them-and-leave-them-pregnant type.  No wonder Lois wrote that article about you – hell hath no fury like a woman who gave birth to aliens.”
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