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I Can't Believe My Eyes...

Jesus Christ, DC, how could you possibly be so fucking stupid? [Apologies to the Christiams on my list, but I can't word this any less strongly. Pretty sure he's the only one who could find a way to deal with my level of hate right now. Him or Ghandi.]

Between the quality of the article and the just-plain-STUPID title when you're either destroying characterization to make iconic females in your books obsolete or making them so 'male-gaze' they're wank material, I just can't even anymore.

I just want to know how they can STILL manage to make me screaming-like-a-fox levels of irate.

And for anyone that would love me to just stop writing fanfic and shut up? Clean up DC and staff it with something other than a group of over-the-hill teenage boys who can't keep their brains out of their shorts. To think, people wondered why comics were going to die out. If this is the alternative, shut down the presses. Period. Because you've now made comics the very thing that people have always said about them.

Shame on you.
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