Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Few brief moments of happiness in an otherwise sucktacular day

Well, these and a sweet email from sean_montgomery have started my day out well. The fact that Dan close this evening with Nancy and I (who he hates working together) and last night was a holocaust, the rest of the day doesn't bode well, but I have promised to try to be cheerful, so... *starts praying now*

But here are two of my day's up-lifters:

*snort* Hey, Ab! Maybe this is why the Hepburn/Boz joke was so funny!

Your Score: Katharine Hepburn

You scored 16% grit, 19% wit, 47% flair, and 28% class!

You are the fabulously quirky and independent woman of character. You go your own way, follow your own drummer, take your own lead. You stand head and shoulders next to your partner, but you are perfectly willing and able to stand alone. Others might be more classically beautiful or conventionally woman-like, but you possess a more fundamental common sense and off-kilter charm, making interesting men fall at your feet. You can pick them up or leave them there as you see fit. You share the screen with the likes of Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant, thinking men who like strong women.

Find out what kind of classic leading man you'd make by taking the Classic Leading Man Test.

Link: The Classic Dames Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

And I finally figured out where that 'In Her Eyes' lyric came from! Not usually that much of a Groban fan, but this worked. This person also did one to February Song, but it didn't impress me much.

OldRomanticEm-In Her Eyes

Wish me luck today, everyone! I need it!
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