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As Lois Slowly Gets Her Shit Together

First, let me apologize for the whiny/bitchy lately, guys. The last couple of months have been a huge struggle over here and it's kinda just killed the need to post anything. Doesn't help that so many people are abandoning ship. You start to wonder if there's a point at throwing things out there if no one really wants to read them. Sad but true. Especially if all you're going to do is cry about stuff. *points to self* So yeah. That's what's been up with the lack of content.

Secondly, I have vacation pics coming as soon as Anissa will send them to me. It'll be nice to have them here, as it was mostly a beautiful trip for me. Good reminder on the bad nights at the job ahead. Some of the sights we saw this time... *just grins dreamily*

Thirdly, I'm going to try to start posting spoilers again if we can get enough headway. There's just been so much up that it's getting in just at or beyond the deadline. It's been rough lately, like I said.

Fourthly, I don't think we'll ever to two series at once again unless it's a short series [yep, that said, there's one coming in the future, but it should be able to be posted either all at once or with several chapters in the can before we start] that runs at the same time. It's just too hard to do when they're being written actively. That and I hate the fact that people want me to stop one of them just so they can get their favorite. It's very difficult for a writer to hear that when it's like asking her to choose between her kids. People don't realize that that can break a muse. Seriously. It's happened twice already.

Okay, that's my update for now. Hope this find you guys well and know that I love you and have missed you.

OH, and also look for a new layout soon. januaried is being sweet and pitying me. Just feel the need to freshen up. That might just be because saavikam77's recent house-keeping is infecting me. ;) See you guys here in the morning for Love and Other Headaches. We might even have a little surprise with ATU later in the week. Maybe even early. 
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