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Working on an important scene for Kala in the future, a transitional moment for her, and it's slowly but surely dragging me up out of the funk I've found myself in for the last week or two. Forcing yourself to consider a character's life and choices has actually always been pretty good for making me think about my own. There's been a need for change lately in my life, a need for something new and yet stable, because God knows summer wasn't for me at all. Summer has NEVER been a good season for me and every year it reaffirms that fact.

So, red in my hair along with the black, action arc coming up in one epic even as we're writing two eras in the other to get us plotted and planned and right even before we get to the end and the next one on the horizon. I'm wrapping myself in the tastes and smells of Fall to remind me why I love the season even as the job's insanity grows worse. There are certain other projects that need some love, but they can wait a little bit longer until the cards are right. There's still a couple of months left, if I keep my eye on it.

The goal of the season? Reshuffle the deck and get everything ready before Christmas. I want to be prepped, planned, and good to go on the final chapters of ATU, catch up all of the back-story we need to move into the heart of Love and Other Headaches, finally get close to publishing Into the Shadows, finish the final story in the Illuminated universe, and have the major plot completely outlined for Blood Will Tell before my birthday. I have until December 11th.

Let's see if I can manage it. Fingers crossed.
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