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And Because Someone Mentioned That They Missed More of Them


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I should never have believed her," Sebast told her, squeezing her extra tight. The relief just kept on coming. She was here, she was alive. She was home. No one could take her away again. A lock of hair had fallen into her face and he smoothed it back for her. "Mi Kala, how I missed you."

"I'm sorry I acted like an idiot and I did something that stupid. I should have told you what was going on," she replied, and leaned back a little to smile at him. Her mascara was smearing from the tears in her eyes, but this was his Kala, his best friend in the whole wide world, and seeing something so ordinary as smeared makeup brought it home to Sebast that he could've lost her for good.

He wanted to tell her how much he adored her, how much he had missed her, and how glad he was that she'd made it home safely, but there were no words in English or Spanish sufficient to do so. Instead, Sebast caught the nape of Kala's neck and kissed her.

And not just kissed her, but dipped her back like she was Scarlett to his Rhett Butler. Sebast didn't see the shocked look on her face, but he felt the moment when she decided to just go with it and kissed him back.

He heard the startled laughter from the family after a moment and remembered that they weren't the only two people on the face of the earth. And he'd just kissed – was still kissing – his best friend. Sebast broke the kiss and hauled Kala upright, noticing the surprised and quite pleased expression on her face. Oh, now that was gonna be awkward later on…

At least until he swatted her upside the head. "What the hell did you think you were doing anyway, running off without telling anyone where you were? If you ever pull some bullshit like that again, pendeja, you damn well better tell me so I can come with you!"

Meanwhile Kristin tugged on her father's hair. Richard glanced up to meet her blue eyes. "Daddy, is Sebast mad at Kala for being stupid and running away?"

"Yeah, a little bit." Richard replied, "She scared him pretty bad, too."

"Good, maybe she won't do it again," Kristin said petulantly, and her father chuckled.

Kala threw her head back and laughed with relieved disbelief, and Sebast grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "I'm not kidding, blanquita! You pull this shit on me again, I'll beat you so hard your children'll be born bruised!"

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