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And, Of Course, Clois. Always Clois.


"That's my wife you're talking about," he said warningly.

Another dry chuckle and she turned her back on him, staring at the closed door to their room. Under any other circumstances when she'd said these kinds of things, it had always been in the context of teasing him about putting up with her when he could have the whole world instead. But not this time. Lois' voice was low and deadly calm. "That's something you could remedy easily enough and we both know it. You said as much yourself, on New Year's Eve. The twins are almost grown, the Justice League is almost in full-swing, and you know that your wife is capable of some pretty huge deceits. I'm not sure if we can ever recover from that. Not too many people would disagree that you have pretty good grounds for it."

So she was willing to give up on him, on them. Worse, she thought he was ready to. Lois still didn't realize what he'd actually said that night. Kal-El stalked toward her, his eyes dark with turbulent emotion. "I lied to you, Lois."

Her heart sank as she looked up to him, saw that foreboding expression. Oh God. Here it comes. The fallout she had always had nightmares of, the first shovelful of dirt atop the coffin of the relationship. She'd seen it coming for so long, but to be finally there, in that moment… Lois' heart stuttered to a halt, swept away by hopeless terror. He said he had lied to her… And the only thing he could be talking about now was his vow to love her until the end of time.

Hands that could rip solid steel like tissue paper cupped her face, and though he didn't hurt her, Lois was more aware than ever of the great strength in that simple touch. All of the force was implied, not expressed, and she sensed something fierce in place of his usual tenderness. "I told you if you wanted a divorce, I'd give you one," Kal-El growled, those stormy eyes on inches from hers. "I lied. I will never give you up, Lois." He kissed her then, roughly, and Lois gasped. His residual anger smoldered in that kiss, along with all of the love he had for her – the love that had been bruised but not broken, not even diminished, by the trials and revelations of this terrible week.

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