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Someone Just Reread Heirs and I Was Reminded of This

So indulge me and never mind me cross-posting this here from my Tumblr so I have it front-and-center for my muse.

I might end up posting some of these for each of the leads just for the flashback to the last epic.



Zod’s voice betrayed a hint of nervousness, but he didn’t miss a beat. “Deadly to your father and brother as well. And we four are the last of our kind, all that remains of Krypton’s glory. You will not destroy us all, Kala. You are a daughter of the House of El, you dare not extinguish the last of our legacy…”

Kala’s eyes blazed, and she bared her teeth in a snarl of defiance. Her hand went to her neck now, slim fingers reaching for the dainty silver chain there and wrapping around a silver object as if it were an anchor. Clinging to what must be Lois’ locket to ground herself. Though Kal-El couldn’t see it, inside her mind all her dreams of being a grand Kryptonian lady – the Last Daughter of Krypton – were withering like frost before flame. That world was gone forever, and the true folly would be trying to recreate it here. She understood then what Jason seemed to have always known: Earth was home, and the twins were essentially human. Human by half their heritage, human by birth, human by upbringing. Humans with powers, but human, not alien, not in the heart or mind where it truly counted. What was alien in them was a relic, an artifact of a dead world, a legacy that deserved respect, but they could never forget that here and now they lived in a human world, not a Kryptonian one.

Kala switched from Kryptonese to snarl in English, hazel eyes laser-sharp and full of fire, “Liar! Fuck you, fuck Krypton, and fuck your precious legacy! I am the daughter of the House of Lane!

With that shocking pronouncement, she wheeled, the gun never leaving its target. Her wild eyes swept over Jason and Kal-El. Her brother remembered the promise they’d made aboard Luthor’s yacht, never to turn their backs on each other, the promise that had been strained but not broken on New Year’s. She was his Kala again, terrified but determined, and for the instant their gazes locked Jason’s heart leapt. A ghost of a smile formed on her lips then. She’s still in there. Kal’s still there.

It was all happening in slow motion for them. Her father had a moment to remember the way she’d come running to him in that Chinese restaurant so long ago, when he and Lois weren’t even getting along, the way she’d leaped into his arms. Even then she’d always trusted him to catch her. And even before either knew she was his daughter, the cashier had remarked, “Daddy’s girl?”

In that second, her eyes seemed to speak volumes to both of them. At the same time, the look in them said clearer that words, I love you. I’m sorry. I’m doing this for you.

Before Kal-El or Jason could decipher the meaning of that message, Kala had slapped the panel on the inside of the weapons locker, and the leaded door slammed down between them.

Sealing her inside with Zod and the kryptonite gun.

~Heirs to the House of El

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