Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Awww! Now This Is Old-Skool Love!

Was cruising YouTube and found these. I loved these so much, I'm going to have myself a STM, SII: DC, and SR marathon until Anissa comes home. By the way, the latest chappie (which is currently untitled) is 2,839 words and six pages. And SOOOO much happening. Oh, did I mention that Kal-El finally sees his twins again by the end of the chapter? Did I also mention that I'm not telling you how? *chuckles*

And now to the videos:

Superman: the Movie-ville. Very cute. Was chuckling throughout.

Bridgette Crosby & Virgil Swann. This was so sweet. If my stupid WMM was working, I'd be making a second. Sniffled after this one.

Tags: clois videospam, little secrets progress reports

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